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Learn more about DC, its history, and how to get around the city.   DC Guide
Learn more about DC, its history, and how to get around the city.


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Official Symbols of the District of Columbia

The District has many official symbols that are historically tied to the city; you can read about these below. In January 2006, fifth- and sixth-graders from Anthony Bowen Elementary School proposed an addition to this list: the cherry, as DC's official fruit.

District's Seal Seal
The District's seal depicts a female representation of Justice hanging a wreath on a statue of George Washington. The seal was created in 1871.
  Key to the City Key to the City
The District's Key to the City, designed by native Washingtonian John Dreyfuss, is typically given to heads of state and other dignitaries. The key bears the inscription "Opportunity for All."
American Beauty Rose Flower
The District's flower is the American Beauty Rose. This rose is a hybrid perpetual and is believed to have been introduced in 1875.
Scarlet Oak Tree
The District's tree is the Scarlet Oak. This oak is a member of the Beech family and is found throughout the eastern United States.
Wood Thrush Bird
The District's bird is the Wood Thrush. This songbird is found throughout the eastern United States, though its steady decline in population is causing concern among environmentalists.
District's Flag Flag
The District's flag was adopted in 1938. Its design is based on the shield from George Washington's family coat-of-arms.

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