Learn more about the District of Columbia and its history.   About DC
Learn more about the District of Columbia and its history.


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Stars and Stripes
At US Flag learn the history behind the Stars and Stripes. See how our flag has evolved since the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act in 1777, how it became known as “Old Glory,” and the meaning behind the colors and stripes. The site also tells you how to display your flag correctly and gives you information about how to buy a flag that has been flown over the Capitol.

The Star-Spangled Banner has its own history. It was the flag that Francis Scott Key used as inspiration for his famous poem that became our nation’s anthem. The flag was then passed down through three generations of the Armistead family and is now at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History, where specialists are working to preserve this American treasure.

Supreme Court
In the Judiciary Act of 1789, Congress spelled out the details for a Supreme Court and federal judiciary. The Supreme Court Historical Society provides a timeline of our court from yesteryear to present day, including its former locations. Read about the justices or learn about landmark court cases. Those interested in learning about how the highest court in the land functions will find this website helpful.

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